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Clearview Modular Building (Proposed Purchase):

Available in a wide range of sizes from a 22 m² self-contained building to a 72 m² two section modular building, the 'Clearview' is versatile, contemporary and attractive. These modular buildings are perfect for many applications, including:
  • Classroom study.
  • Exhibition space.
  • Training & Meeting rooms.



The price for a new 47 m² Two section Clearview Modular Building, as shown above, is now at a reduced price of £23,950.

With a unique, modern shape and innovative design, the 'Clearview' is aesthetically superior to traditional modular buildings and is available in a handpicked selection of colours and exterior finishes. If required, the building can incorporate branding into the final design.

The building can either be supplied open plan or a specific layout of choice can be applied. Items such as meeting rooms, offices and toilets can be incorporated in its structure.

The price indicated is for the building only and excludes any costs associated with delivery, installation, and any other additional extras.

Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Portable Building Sales has built up a reputation for providing quality buildings, excellent customer service, and real value for money.

Their highly trained, experienced team can provide expert, personalised advice on choosing the right modular accessories to meet the requirements.

PBS provides a fixed price quotation and CAD drawings. They will also conduct a free site survey, discuss the building project in detail, and will offer advice on the best solution available.

For security and peace of mind, all the high-quality buildings they sell go through rigorous testing and a quality assurance process before the sale. This helps to ensure that they are reliable, fit for purpose and designed to perform in the real world.

As part of this, all the buildings they sell come supplied with an industry-leading, multi-part warranty:
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty – covering defects to the whole building (excluding damage as a result of abuse or accidental damage).

5 Year Enhanced Warranty – covering the external finishes of the building, including roof panels, wall panels, and windows.

20 Year Structural Warranty – covering the structural steel of the building, including columns, side runners, floor joists and lattice roof beams, in addition to the timber roof joists.

PBS is our supplier of choice for its outstanding customer support...

The company will -

  • offer a fast and professional service.
  • provide a quality product at a value for money price.
  • design the building free of charge.
  • provide all drawings required for planning.
  • ensure the new building is aesthetically superior and cost-effective.
  • project manage the installation.
  • provide a proven track record of Service, Delivery, and Health & Safety.


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Vixen/Coronado Solarscope

B7.4 flares captured in active sunspot region 1271


C2.0 Solar Flare in Active Sunspot Region 1263


Sunspot Region 1236


Bright Prominences, with the size of our planet Earth shown to scale


Bright Prominences, with the size of our planet Earth shown to scale


Large Arch Prominence. Our planet Earth shown to scale


Time-stamped sequence of an eruptive prominence


Sunspots and Filaments



Celestron 11" Edge HD

Andromeda Galaxy

Craters Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus and Arzachel

Crater Plato and the Alpine Valley

Hadley Rille and Apollo 15 Landing Site (red dot)

Crater Clavius

Crater Copernicus

Planet Mars

Globular Star Cluster M13






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